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Targa file format

Targa file format

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Truevision TGA, often referred to as TARGA, is a raster graphics file format created by Truevision Inc. (now part of Avid Technology). It was the native format of TARGA and VISTA boards, which were the first graphic cards for IBM-compatible PCs to support Highcolor/truecolor display. ‎History - ‎Technical details - ‎Header - ‎File footer (optional). The file is often used in video games to store textures. The Targa format, which stands for Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter, was designed by Truevision and later acquired by Avid Technology. Indianapolis, IN The lack of completeness is due to the fact that the Targa recognizes over half a dozen image file formats, some of which are more widely.

TGA is a file extension for a raster graphics file created by TrueVision Inc. TGA stands for Truevision Graphics Adapter. Also referred to as TARGA, which stands for Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter. TGA or TARGA format is a format for describing bitmap images, it is capable of A TGA file consists of 2 main parts, a header followed by the colour pixel. Truevision® defined the TGA file format in for use with its The ICB, TARGA 16, 24 and 32 can only be used as True-Color devices. Long = 32 bit value.

22 Dec Images in the Targa Graphic format might be stored in their raw form or with compression, which might be preferred for icons, line drawings and. Full name, Truevision TGA File format, version TGA is the native format of Truevision's TARGA (Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter) boards. 14 Jun The Targa (TGA) format was developed by Truevision for their video boards. The format supports bit true color; that is, bit color plus an. Truevision TGA (TARGA) is a file format created by Truevision Inc. LEADTOOLS supports all uncompressed and RLE compressed TGA file formats. The file. I am trying to save a targa file with a transparent background. I've never worked with this file format before, so it is all new to me. Any help is.

TGA file format referred and as TARGA file format, is a raster graphic file format. This was the native format of Truevision Inc's TARGA and VISTA boards, the first . 19 Feb [edit] Preservation issues. TGA is a proprietary format owned by Truevision. The specification is publicly available. Targa File Format. Targa file format is supported by AGI products as described below. Versions. Truevision raster image format. Color modes. Grayscale, color. TARGA is a registered trademark of Truevision, Inc. TrueVista is a .. Truevision¨ defined the TGA file format in for use with its first videographics products.


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